Dr. Gladys Martha Crespo-Jiménez, better known as Dr. Martha, was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She loves everything about having being raised in a small town because it gave her the opportunity to create a sense of connection with her environment and the community. Her desire to become a chiropractor raised when she was in College studying Elementary Education. She went to a chiropractor by the recommendations of her yoga instructor and that’s when everything started. She completed her degree in Elementary Education, hence her passion for teaching others. Then she started a degree in Occupational Therapy until life showed her the way to go to Chiropractic school. She decided to move to Georgia with her now husband and kitty cat to complete her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University, where she graduated in 2017.

Fast forward in time, the Arizona magic called her and it was love at first sight. Here she wants to share with people what is it about small towns that make them so inspiring and fulfilling. That’s why Health Expression Chiropractic was created to serve the community in a way that connects people with their own potential to express health in a warm, safe and open minded environment. She likes to call it a safe haven for health expression.

As time has evolved, Dr. Martha has rediscovered herself and became passionate about making Chiropractic what she can best describe as Holistic Chiropractic by integrating a myriad of practices that support a persons journey towards a vibrant life. These practices have become an essential part of her practices by allowing her to focus on a person as a Whole, instead of the sum of the pieces. She has discovered that these practices not only support the physical elements but they also support emotions, which are directly interconnected to a persons ability to heal.