Today I want to start the universe of blogging with a topic that I believe is fundamental to understand, and that is the importance of movement. Einstein once said: “Nothing happens until something moves.” Movement is a vital nutrient for health!

Now, what is the big deal with movement? Well, let’s start off by saying that motion allows for a more relaxed state of mind, a higher concentration, and a better organization of tasks in our daily routines. It also feeds the brain with an essential nutrient called proprioception. Proprioception is defined as the ability of knowing where our body is in relation to space and the ability to maneuver safely around our environment.

As we become more and more stiff, we process information slower, including the information of our surroundings. In other words, when we are stiff, proprioception is affected negatively, and therefore, our ability to feel our body in space and time is greatly declined. Have you ever felt like you are not in your body or like you are not fully aware of what’s happening around you? Not fun! That’s what happens where your proprioception is not working fully.

Now, this takes me to mention chiropractic. Motion and chiropractic go hand to hand. Here’s why: when we as chiropractors adjust, we stimulate proprioception by decreasing stiffness and increasing motion into the joints. By doing this, we have a better ability to perceive our environment, which traduces to experiencing life throughout our body!

That’s why many people express feeling refreshed and more in tune with their body after getting adjusted. And that’s why I love what I do!

Let’s keep moving, it’s not only good for our physical health, but it’s also good for our spiritual and emotional health.

In health,

-Dr. G. Martha Crespo-Jimenez, DC

This information provides a general overview. If you have a specific health concern, I suggest you seek the help of your primary health provider.

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