Today I wanted to do a different blog post. This post is more personal but I believe is fundamental for you to know my own healing journey, not only because you will know that I will have empathy towards your healing journey, but also because it will show you the importance of consistency and prevention.



conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.



the action of stopping something from happening or arising.

Why these two concepts are so fundamental? Why chiropractic care and modalities like acupuncture, soft tissue work, craniosacral therapy, psychotherapy, etc. are related to these two concepts? The answer is pretty simple. Chiropractic and modalities like the aforementioned, prevent dis-ease by promoting a health state of the body and the mind.

And, why consistency? Because like for everything worth working towards in life, these modalities require us to be consistent. Our health is worth every-single-minute of effort. Health is the engine of life. Believe that with it, we have everything and without it we have nothing.

After this brief introduction to relevant concepts, I will share with you my own healing journey in a simplified way.

I find myself healing from many years of neglect and abuse to my body that happened when I was younger. It’s been quite the journey in the mental and physical aspect but let’s not go to much depth and focus on my current journey: my neck. Right now I get burning in my neck that started around 5 months ago with a heavy migraine, that then affected my jaw, my throat and eventually made me feel like if a spike was attacking my neck. After consistent chiropractic care, acupuncture, cupping, soft tissue work and craniosacral therapy, I can tell you that the only residual is the neck burning. If you look back and realize all the things that were wrong, this is nothing compared to what it was, so I feel very satisfied and happy with the progress. But, the burning is draining and it gets to me. It comes when I’m enjoying things in life and makes me very uncomfortable and frustrated.

Now, let me tell you a secret, I let go the getting adjusted part for a little too long because “life got in the way”. I was doing weekly adjustments and then I let it go for a little over a month. Oh what a big mistake!  I started having low back pain too! My elbow started acting out, my knee was achy, my low back felt incredibly tight, and my mid back was attacking me again. I found myself craving for an adjustment every time I was giving an adjustment. So I made the much needed appointment with my chiropractor. As I was laying on the adjusting table it became clear that too long time had passed and that it was more evident than ever that getting adjusted HAD to be a constant in my life. After all, we MUST do as we preach!

My left leg was like 2 inches short and I had 5 segments out of 7 out of alignment in my cervical spine. I was feeling it all over my body.

This is why alignment matters! Alignment matters and we chiropractors work with this. Alignment affects everything from posture to the nerves to the overall feeling of wellness.

I want to share with you my deepest desire of making chiropractic part of our maintenance care. Let’s make chiropractic a preventive care. Let’s make chiropractic part of our ways of staying healthy. I’m not saying that you will have to come every week for the rest of your life, but if you do come regularly, you will enjoy a much more vibrant life, and that’s huge! Here you have my as a living testimony.

Stay healthy.

In health,

Dr. Crespo